• leslie_amaiya 5w

    My happiness

    Happiness seems so far fetched
    It’s hard for me to see what’s next
    They’ve shattered all my feelings I put aside
    Every knife in my back signifies their own pride
    For every knife I pull out I start to weep
    The silence trickles it begins to creep
    Yet the rhythm of my blood dripping keeps me sane
    I’ve become numb to all my pain
    All the memories begin to fade away
    I should’ve known all along they would never stay
    I’ve forgiven so many times that it lost it’s meaning
    They never truly cared about what I was feeling
    So I sit here in a puddle of my own blood and tears
    Screaming hoping someone will finally hear
    Knowing no one will
    I grip my reality, face what’s real
    There’s no happiness for me
    I chased it away, you see
    Left me behind
    Now it’s just me and my mind
    wishing I could press rewind
    I Never knew death could be so kind