• robwjeter 5w

    More Than Just Words

    Pen to paper as the words seem to flow.
    Some of my deepest thoughts are
    there to show.
    This I will do for my lifes remainder.
    Copyright mine, yet, no retainer.

    More that just words, spilling out
    what's inside.
    Exposure of weakness and strength.
    Some written very short.
    Others penned with length.

    Some do say that this is an obsession.
    I don't agree with that at all.
    No one will take my spirit, I don't need
    The haters will try to make me fall.

    I will tell it like I see it with no need to
    For approval, I don't desire for others
    to congregate.
    Truly, more than just words.
    I'm showing pieces of
    my life.