• pushpraj62 6w

    Let's write another story

    Let's write another story today
    On which two or three things should be spoken openly
    Whether anyone likes or does not like
    My job is to just write like this
    Many people just tell us a hundred taunts each time
    But this pen is also not less than anyone
    Let us be very supportive in every situation
    This pen should not be left alone, so
    Heart and mind also fought many punches
    This thought should not remain behind us
    So we now bring it out
    Let us drown in small words
    Now make waves in the sea of ​​this story
    This is how we move around in stories
    I could not even know when this time passed
    When day rises and night falls
    Just let my heart go like this
    A unique world appears on these papers
    Eat in a pen boat and eat your hiccups
    And this thought should also play the role of Manjhi
    New and old stories of life came out
    Who show us the story of our character
    May we live these moments once again
    Let my mind say only one word
    Let's write another story again