• insanemelodies 23w

    We face a lot of situations in our daily life where we feel something or we want to say something but we aren't able to do it accordingly because of different reasons like, we are confused in our own minds that whether it's the right thing to say or not, maybe we know it's not the right thing but we are angry and somehow want to express it, we are simply scared of the reaction that the person will give after hearing what we have to say or in worst cases we want to say so only to have some fun. You know the chances are quite high that you are about to say something you shouldn't say.
    Well in any of the above cases it's best to stay silent.
    No, no I ain't telling you to cage your opinion, all I want you to do is to take some time and examine why the thought that 'should I say or not' came to your mind and if it turns out to be something rude and unnecessary then by now you already know you shouldn't say that and if you've already said that then a sorry would work I guess.

    "It's ok to not know the right thing to say,
    what's not ok is saying something stupid instead."

    Good day.��

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