• himanshibharti 10w


    I think i overthink everything happens to me weather about happiness or sadness
    I am not just able to be sure about anything..for a long time thats what helps me destroying the..inner me..well lets not say..i am a doubting sort of person but its just i am being selfish only about the people who are mine i don't want them to share, i know this is rude and bad but this is what i am, therefore i don't have much people around me or who know cause i can't handle the mess that happens..cause i am weak i cannot fight people, i am coward i cannot speak, i am weird ,i cannot act...that what overall make me simple and quite casue i don't want to be the evil in front of others by just wanting something which i don't even deserve i guess..all i can say is that..i am being me..and now i love being alone cause its hard to find someone with same mental disorder .