• bourneagain 35w

    Blind Duplicity

    I see a culture shocked by truth
    With blind duplicity if youth
    A view as seen not from above
    The quintessence of all is Love

    I'll Acquiesce to shallow verse
    For any word with depth we curse
    We want it all laid at our feet
    Assembly lines don't have to think

    With so many songs to praise his name
    We fail to see they're all the same
    A fragment of the gift he gave
    A half attempted accolade

    Raise up your King who came to save
    Upon a cross then to his grave
    Surrender to the king of grace
    But only when he knows his place

    Live life for our own gain instead
    We've made our own death ridden bed
    When Truth comes to judge our worth
    We'll clutch the alter's horns on earth

    Apostatize in sorrow's name
    But never have you felt true pain
    The road to heaven's recompense
    Stained crimson by Love's innocence

    We help the wolf get in the fence
    Betrayed the lamb of innocence
    At the price of a common slave
    Then to the wolf his clothes we gave

    The veneer the devil shows as true
    Is propitiated now by you
    Pseudonym a name we flatter
    Guise the veil of cloak and dagger

    Inheritance in rapture squander
    The easy road to hell we've wandered
    Toy soldiers marching side by side
    Reject all help from our Divine

    A petty and entitled nation
    Built without a firm foundation
    Our velleity towers built so tall
    Then blame you when we see them fall

    All righteousness is yours alone
    Your sacrifice our sins atone
    Please father come and lead us home
    To make us more than flesh and bone.