• mistywins15 5w

    A Tale

    Let me tell you a tale, Dear.
    About a girl who lived in constant fear.
    Stuck in a high tower with no way down.
    She would wait, and in her tears she would drown.
    Everyday passed where she would worry;
    Always feeling responsible and in a hurry.
    Her feelings were blocked from those who would care,
    But that was the only way she would fare.
    This girl cried tears but hid them from every ones sight.
    For everyone to know her mind was plagued, was a fright.
    The years went by and her anger towards herself grew.
    She became someone different entirely; someone knew.
    Alone she learned that life was hard as an adult.
    But she stood strong when everything became difficult.
    This girl was not little anymore;
    And she kept fighting a battle that left her bruised and sore.
    She thought that if there was no one there to tell,
    Then there would be no one there to watch her fail.
    But there was someone there all along.
    And that person that watched thought she was strong.
    She braved her battles without anyone by her side.
    But he could see those tears that she had tried to hide.
    He came up to her without any judgement and took her hand.
    Gradually over time, he showed her that life can be grand.
    And my child, that girl soon became his wife.
    With children of their own, they ended up having a happy life.