• kaylynnicole 4w


    What they say is true.
    We will never forget.
    When time stood still
    As those towers were hit

    All these years and we still know where we were
    Not quite grasping the torment endured

    I was merely 10, 5th grade, Ms. William's class
    Rumors spread...and soon we all learned of the crash

    I remember later being home, not understanding why we had to watch the news
    The look in my mother's eyes, scared - this couldnt be true

    I was more concerned about a party the next day
    And said, "Dang mom, and this happened right before your birthday."

    Those eyes again, she had no judgement to give
    Simply nodded her head as if to dismiss

    My father was gone, military - his ship went straight to New York
    That's when I panicked, what did they need him for?

    I didnt hear from him for days
    We lit candles in our neighborhood and all began to pray

    I think that was when it hit me,
    And I cried and i cried...as Ms. Steph tried to uplift me

    Every day for weeks and months it was everywhere we looked
    And here it is now in today's history books

    I remember around December, as I watched the news with my dad
    And they covered more about it...and then i got mad

    "They're still talking about this? It was months ago!"
    My dad sat me down and he said real slow

    "They will talk about this for a very long time. This is going to change the course of your life."

    I remember where I was, I remember all the fear
    I remember all the victims - we continue to honor each year

    The unity that arose from such a tragedy
    Was short of miraculous - a combined mentality

    One of the many reasons I became a veteran
    And I salute the flag because I'm damn proud to be an American

    And I will always remember. Never forget.
    Those 3,000+ that payed the ultimate debt