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    PART 5

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    ......The books in my hands fell down.I was shocked to see Dia with Sam behind a locker.I screamed "Sam".They turned towards me.They were shocked to see me there.Dia tried to convince me ,but what i saw, Was that nothing? Or just an illusion? But no,everything was unveiled.The real faces that they were hiding behind their false love for me.

    That day,i didn't understood even the title of any lecture.Everything seemed dull to me.I was waiting when I'll go back home. I was also thinking in bus that what is going on? Why everyone is torturing me?. Even i was uncomfortable in the bus 'cause Sam was also there. At home,the scene was rewinding and rewinding. I cried in pain but no one was listening. Whom i should tell now? Dia,that girl who cheated me wearing a mask of friendship or that guy(Sam) whose love was false for me. So,i decided to tell Dia and Sam that Why they fooled me? Why they cheated me? .Was i innocent? Yaa...i was ,because i always focused on positivity, i loved everyone without any selfishness ,without any purpose.All night,i hadn't closed my eyes even once.
    But who cared?

    Next day,when i was in school.I was packing my books in my bag. Dia grabbed my hand and Sam was also standing behind...........

    ●To be continued●

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