• gazania_marine 11w

    Too Busy to Care

    Through out the past, I've been such
    A loving and caring person for some people so much;
    They were the ones who didn't care about me,
    But I gave them my time and utmost my priority.

    Didn't realise that I was just wasting my time,
    Didn't realise my future might be bitter than lime;
    Trying to please them with everything I do
    But they show no concerns and I was too naive to see that too.

    Now, I'm too busy to care,
    Trying myself to be unique and rare;
    And it's high time that I should realised
    Most people change as time flies.

    Just gotta give a damn about those kinds of people,
    Who thinks I'm weak and not capable;
    Gotta move on, stay strong and work hard
    And prove them even alone I can make a good new start.