• possessed_soul 23w

    It was when i was returning from the battlefield after a whole day of war, I heard something. It was a cry, a very faint one. I stopped and tried to hear it carefully. Someone was crying in pain. For a sip of water. The whole field was so quiet that i found out quickly where that cry was coming from. It was an enemy soldier, but as the battle was over i thought helping him would cause no harm. I removed his helmet to help him drink. To my utter surprise i saw the hair, long and silky. The eyes were almost closed, but i could see the color blue which reflected the last sunrays and made it faint yet beautiful brown. There was a cut not deep but bleeding on the lower left of lip. The stream of blood was running from the forehead cutting the eyebrows and to the other side of cheek. The hair falling on the face just perfectly to add beauty to the face. She was a woman. Such beauty still so deadly. My heart couldn't comprehend that how lucky i could be to be alive to witness such grace. I stood there in awe, till i heard her cry once again. She was totally unable to move and was in too much pain, which i could feel too, like someone pinched my heart from the inside out. I fetched her some water and that satisfaction on her face made me feel like it just quenched a deep fire within me. I looked at her one more time and then to the sun and thought, out of all the places, how did i fell in love on a battlefield?