• cheeks 10w


    When your down and blue
    remember I love you.

    From high mountains to down seas
    My love will reach you without ease.

    I'm not a great writer
    nor a great fighter.

    But, still I'm willing to do it
    for you to see it.

    I miss you like how the sun misses the moon
    I miss you all day and all noon

    I know I'm not perfect
    but I'm always gonna protect
    Even though we have different dialect

    I wish I was a glue so I would stick with you.
    You turn me yellow when I am blue

    We're like lost souls that was destined to meet.
    Even though our lives are bittersweet

    Having tons of things that we both experienced.
    I don't even know if its only a coincidence.

    You were their for me when no one was.

    You saw me beneath my thick mask.

    You saw the broken me.
    when they saw the happy me.

    I can never lie to you and you know that.
    Declining my health? You get mad

    You're both my weakness and strength
    You're the kind of guy that carries a candle in my dark world.

    You saw me in my worst times
    but you won't let me see you in that time.

    You push me so I won't get hurt.
    But I wanna be there for you.
    You're the greatest art that I saw
    An abstract that captured my heart.

    I know I'm not qualified to be a queen still you make me feel it.
    Avocado Tea