• shreyanarayan 5w

    One last time My Dear...

    This evening,
    spread out above us
    And the sky 
    drenched in blue wherever we cast our eyes. 
    With little sparkles scattered throughout
    And beneath it
    You and I 
    Without an ounce of doubt
    of our impending farewell... 
    A 'Goodbye' we will have to face 
    no matter what we want from within
    Once the sun comes up
    and reality sets in. 
    So tonight, let me be in denial
    Tonight,  let the fog set in
    and make everything clear
    Tonight,  let me love you
    one last time My Dear. 
    Tonight, let me live
    Let's take a walk on these half deserted streets
    And not ask where to go. 
    let's make glass promises to one another
    Let our expectations grow
    Before it's time to turn around
    and let our love drown
    When it's time to finally let go. 
    Forget the loss, 
    forget the fear
    Forget that I ever came into your life
    as soon as the light is here. 
    But tonight, 
    Let me love you
    one last time My Dear. 
    Let the smoke rise up from the chimney
    leaving only soot behind
    From the flames that burnt brighter than our passion
    With my every waking moment so beautifully lined, 
    with your presence
    and not a worry in my mind. 
    Cause tomorrow
    I will say goodbye. 
    I will see you one last time
    and not shed a tear. 
    Just that smile you love so much
    will be the only expression I wear. 
    But tonight,  
    let me love you
    one last time My Dear.