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    Some words in igala, a tribe in Nigeria, kogi state. #Omonu means son of a King, #oko-mi means my husband, #edebo-mi means my peace, #ufedomi means my love!.

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    Man, brought forth from God's loins,
    Perfectly designed,
    A grand master piece by the greatest designer of all times,
    I could go speechless if I am to speak,
    You my love are the best of them all,
    So allow me to tell a tale,
    A tale of a rare gem, placed on Earth
    A tale of how you found me,
    A tale of a love that will never go sour,
    Once upon a time, we were world's apart,
    But today I stand tall, with my head held up high as you crown me your Queen,
    Omonu, your kingly virtues outshines and will forever rule my kingdom,
    Oko-mi,forever I'd respect your undying sacrifice for me, I'd never strive to take your throne,
    Edebo-mi, I'd be your fountain of peace, never will I raise my voice in anger,I'd raise my voice instead in singing your praises,
    Ufedomi, with love will I shower you and from my wells will you forever draw pure joy all the days of our lives,
    On our stormy days, I promise my shoulders will be your rock,
    Our kneels will never forget the importance of obeying the call to worship,
    Daily we will commune with the Father,and our mouths will only speak good portions over our lives,
    I'd daily be your proverbs 31 woman,and on the walls of our heart will 1corinthians13 be inscribed boldly,
    My priest, daily will my sanctuary be open for worship, I'd never strive to take the place of the Trinity,
    So as I say "I do" to forever with you, I seal this covenant,
    This vows will burn with sweet smelling savor to the heavens as her hosts bear us witness,
    And I'd love you till the Father calls us to eternity.