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    #writernetwork #mirake #mirakeworld #readwriteunite #happy #mothers #day #read it I know it's long but trust me it won't take 2mins ��

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    She is just like music.. lower and soft notes makes us happy and even the higher and powerful notes keeps soothing our ears..
    It kills when there is complete silence around us no notes no song no music yes it kills badly..
    Yes mom's are just like music they heal you to the deepest when you're broken into million pieces yes she does heal you just like the music does whenever where ever we need ..
    Make this music the sweetest the greatest treasure of your life the notes might change every now and then but the feel behind it would always be pure and true.. this music will never ever leave you in between your life..
    Treasure this music as long as it sing before the silence takes over... you might regret later in your life once if silence grab this beautiful music..
    Love this music respect it trust this and more over you don't leave this music