• spicy_sugar 6w

    As always it is incomplete.
    Where do you put a full stop to this never-ending saga?
    How do you think you can explain a tale like this?
    What words does justice to these deep feelings?!

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    I don't know how much I hide, in the corners of my mind, deep in my heart, until they off the lights. Until all my body surrounded with is darkness and my own thoughts.

    The grief tucked under quilt pushes its legs outside, suffocated, to feel the air, to breathe and to choke me with the sobs I try to suppress.

    The pain that circulates through every vessel in my body, flows to every organ, supplying it to every cell, as Hb distributes oxygen as if it knows my body needs the pain to survive, as much as it needs oxygen.

    The fear of uncertainty, claws at my heart, with a poison of past. And I sit still, like it owns my body and soul.