• quiet_girl 31w

    "Three simple words"

    as I looked into your eyes,
    the rain started to fall.
    you kept trying to tell me something
    but the words you had thought of,
    you couldn't recall.
    the rain started coming down hard,
    and we were out in the middle of the field.
    I was wondering when what it was you tried saying,
    would finally be revealed.
    the rain rolled off your face,
    then you looked up,
    you took off your jacket,
    then covered me up.
    we ran under the Pavilion,
    and you looked into my eyes.
    you weren't able to speak,
    which came as a big surprise.
    your hands shaking,
    you said I've made mistakes,
    but one thing's true.
    then he said those three words,

    I love you.

    his eyes filled with tears,
    and started to walk away.
    soI grabbed his arm,
    and said "please stay".
    I said I've made mistakes too,
    but one thing I do know.
    I love you.