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    Blitz Poem

    Fear is Useful

    There are certain things we dread
    there are certain things we fear
    Fear is not a pleasant feeling
    fear is a vital response
    Response to physical danger
    response to emotional danger
    Danger is the possibility of harm
    danger is a source of risk
    Risk is a situation
    risk is a possibility of something dangerous
    Dangerous people and dangerous situations
    dangerous situations test our ability
    Ability to resist and sustain
    ability to fight and survive
    Survive in adverse circumstances
    survive the onslught of time
    Time is said to be a great healer
    time teaches us great lessons
    Lessons which make us wiser
    lessons which are essential
    Essential to help us fight
    essential in order to enable us to face life
    Life is full of uncertainties
    life is not a bed of roses
    Roses have thorns
    roses are beautiful
    Beautiful things please our eyes
    beautiful souls comfort our minds
    Minds can be strong or weak
    minds can be beautiful or dirty
    Dirty minds do dirty things
    dirty minds make dirty plans
    Plans to malign and defame people
    plans to betray and cheat
    Cheat in every possible way
    cheat financially, physically and emotionally
    Emotionally strong people fight better
    emotionally weak people can change
    Change slowly and become strong
    change and become resilient
    Resilient people are thoughtful, not fearless
    resilient people can withstand stress
    Stress can be handled better if you're strong
    stress isn't easy to handle if you aren't tough
    Tough people also say fear is a good thing
    tough people say fear can be useful
    Useful because it heightens our senses
    useful because it helps to keep us safe

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    Fear is Useful
    (Blitz Poem)