• lanzhan 5w

    *My shadow so calm while gazing the horizon
    Almost a sunset
    The sand still warm
    The waves still raging but happy
    The clouds are still clear as if it was painted of a beautiful face

    **The wind is so kind and gentle
    As if hugging me tight while let my feet touches by waves
    My eyes gazing far far away
    My heart pounder of thousand longing
    Looking to my beautiful scenery

    The place covered with orange sky
    The clouds changing colors
    and speedily move like twirling air
    Slowly everything in the sky covered with darkness
    Moonlight shines
    Stars spreading firelights
    You and I .. shoulder to shoulder
    Holding the hands so firmed
    Heartbeats heard rushing like tidal waves
    Lighting flashes in the sky
    Like your fire eyes...like your Jade's eyes
    Same place..same smiles..same heartbeats..same song ...under full moon that winked in a beautiful