• juslin_thomas 10w

    Tiny bit steps I take ahead
    Seeing you waiting out there
    Situations pulling me back
    Am falling again in his trap

    You saved me and lifted me up
    But I left you and went back
    You forgived me infinite times
    I came to you and left the another day

    I fear you but find happiness here
    I know without you I cannot
    But I keep going back again and forth

    I feel ashamed of facing you
    Even when I know you forgave
    It feels awkward to tell you sorry
    When I know I will go back being the same again

    So lets depart the devil for once and for all
    So that we can stay together lifelong
    Without the fear of falling
    And going back and forth forever long

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    This aint any story or saying, This is my prayer

    I need you to be there whenever am falling everytime everywhere
    Because I know you are the Way, my Truth and my Life that am living for