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    Dear parents,
    Hello! This is your fake child.
    I know you are in a confusion. Let me explain.
    All the time, right from birth, you wanted me to be the best. Well, this is a common and valid wish. You wanted me to be the best in sports, in studies, in extra activities and many more things. You wanted me to be on top of all in all common and uncommon fields.
    I have tried since day one to make you proud and see that happiness in your eyes. I wanted you to say "you did it my kid" atleast for once. I pushed myself hard and got out of my comfort zone just to see your satisfaction. But you were good at hiding it everytime. You never were satisfied and always felt something missing in me. I wanted to fulfill all your expectations but I failed.
    I just want to say that it can never be fulfilled 'cause I am not meant to be the person in your head. I am not an ordinary face. I have my strengths and weaknesses. These unrealistic high expectations can't be fulfilled. It's just like salt trying to taste like pepper. All have their own way of rising. Sun can't be seen at night and moon can't be seen at morning. All have their own values and places that they deserve. These comparisons are just killing me.
    I have lost motivation to try anything with a fear of losing. How I got this weak..? Maybe because I wasn't nurtured to face the losses. I don't want to be in this rat race. 'cause this competition is not logical. I can't handle this negative pressure. I am tired of being a fake identity to be the reason of your fame and jealousy. I am sorry to break all your expectations and hopes. But this is not for me. I want to grow from my past and compete with myself to be a better person than what I was yesterday. I can't fulfill your hungry reputation. I am not an ordinary face. I am lost somewhere and I can't find a way back to myself.
    I tried explaining you but you found me rude and shut me for my rights and happiness.
    I want to do something which I enjoy doing..
    All this desire and pressure is dragging me down. Please stop this to help me become the best version of myself.
    I want to create my own identity based on my skills and uniqueness. I want to be a rare gem and not a common stone.
    I am sorry.. hope you understand!
    - yours truly,
    A fake child.

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