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    Just tell me you love me now!!
    From the second I wake up
    To the second i lay by your side at night
    From whispering "I love you"
    To Saying that aloud in front of everyone
    Afternoons and the Midnights,
    The Seconds turns into hours
    Hours turns into Days and I turn into
    A Restless soul just to hear those 3 words
    "It's 3:40 am why you woke me up??"You said with sleepy eyes.
    "Tell me you love me" I said with that cute little frown
    "250th time and i am saying - I love you" You said by tickling me and caging me under your body.
    "I love you too" I said and then kissing you lightly and melted into the Echoes of "I love you" and into
    The Scented sheets with Your love flowing within them.

    I always needed an assurance ,
    Of you being mine - The Days when
    You were not mine and the Day of our
    Prom you went with that Girl for a Dance
    Something died within me - I wanted to
    Stop you But You never noticed & With
    Your One hand on her waist and with the other
    You held her hand - I got weird sensations in
    My hands like electricity touched the cores
    And In that second i felt i will lose you
    " But you were never mine so how can i loose you"
    - I thought.
    And Now when your hand supports my waist &
    And my head in the crook of your neck with my closed eyes and Your other hand on my neck pulling
    Me in your warm embrace - I knew if i didnt confessed that night - The night of our prom
    I would have missed this chance of being in your arms and I would have missed hearing i love you
    Atleast from One person whom i love my entire life and the one who loved me back.

    "You are crazy"They say
    " I am in love" I Replied
    How can i lose the One Person who stood by me??
    How can i lose the One Person who was a home for me??
    How can i lose the One Person who Loved me like i did??
    How can I lose the One Person Who was like a Sleeping pill??

    I wake you up at odd hours!!
    Sorry for that,
    I Call you thousand times when you were outside!!
    Sorry for that,
    I ask you to say that loudly that you love me!!
    Sorry for that.
    I am Sorry for Everything,
    But I am not sorry for loving you.

    "Tell me that you love me now!
    I love you now, I love you Always."


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