• chidera 5w

    I feel like I'm being torn from the inside out into many pieces. I can't even think straight and sleep doesn't help. I keep asking why and I spend hours thinking of all the wrongs I've done that I could be paying for. You keep me in this space and you tear me down with no remorse. You keep telling me you love me but you don't care about losing me. You don't want me and you don't want to let me go. You know my weakness and you spare no chance to use it against me. I'll always be the one at fault. The one not good enough. The reason things don't go well. It hurts so much but I can't do anything. I'd still come back. I'm afraid to lose you but you aren't. I'm losing everything to keep you; my life, my sleep, my health, my friends, and I still lose you. Tell me what I did and why I'm being punished this way.

    It all doesn't make sense.
    How do you do this to someone you love?
    And you swear that you'll stay
    Yet, you leave me in my space.

    Where do I belong?
    What am I to you?
    Por qué?!

    Please let me go
    Save me from thinking
    You'll love me like I deserve to be.

    - CN

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