• saddened_disguise 6w

    Can't You See

    Here you are sitting
    In the middle of the floor
    Crying into the silence
    Your wrists were cut
    Leaving blood
    Everywhere on your body
    You're handprints were on the walls The mirror too
    So you punched it
    You're hand was bloody and red
    When you looked down
    She asked what's wrong with me
    To the girl that was staring back at you
    Sadness was in your eyes
    You said
    I am tired
    And in a way l guess it's true in every way
    It's not a lie
    You seem concerned
    I wish l could explain
    Too you
    Instead l cut my wrists almost everyday
    I've hurt myself in every way
    Can't you see what l need
    Can't you see the blood l BLEED!