• darkness_within 10w


    I can feel the tension
    That they believe I've created
    So crazy to see someone depressed right?
    That ruins everything
    I'm apparently crazy
    For having deep emotions
    Sorry I can't brush things off
    And not let it all go to my head
    But I have issues I'm overcoming
    It's difficult to do though
    When judgement and frustration
    Are made by others
    Making it all seem I chose this life
    Chose my mind
    Chose my soul
    Chose my path
    If I had that choice
    Choosing pain would be last
    I'm glad your happy and things go well with you
    But when I say I'm down
    Either comfort me
    Or leave me
    I don't need judgment on my feelings

    It's sad how people at first enjoy your spirit
    But once they find that it's broken
    They turn around
    Like nothing had ever happen