• muskan_11 11w

    Should I crown the 'silence' around me?
    With closed windows, I search for liminality
    'Twixt the chaos and peace.
    Melody of the wind wakes up the sky,
    The locust's chirrup sounds sweet tonight,
    and there I see, the silence smiling at me.
    Do you like nights too?
    The celestial sphere
    spangled with stars is your home?
    Your simplicity touches the peak,
    Waxes and wanes of waves
    bows down to touch your feet
    But you just smile and sleep
    like a child in her mother's dock.
    I admire your presence,
    Like a companion, you listen to my stories,
    Sit beside me to soothe my pain
    and kisses my voice to reflect the same question,
    Do you like nights too?
    Oh, so this is how the silence speaks!
    It holds patience
    And welcomes clamorous crowd,
    Follows the path of equality
    Such a dust-laden air it holds without any partiality.
    Yes, I should crown the 'silence'
    One must know what power it holds.
    Without weapons and words, it
    fights and speaks the loudest lies and truths.

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    Do you like nights too?