• myheart_whispers 50w

    Hey,you there??

    Hey,you there??
    You know I am lost somewhere
    Can you please get me out of this??
    Because right now you are the one whom I miss
    I feel low and sad
    These mood swings get me upset
    I know you are the best at talking me out of this
    And I want you to do that...can you please??
    I want nothing just to talk to you and listen
    As you do always when I am uneven
    Can you again stay on the phone the entire night??
    As we did earlier,hanging up at sunrise
    Can you please be there??
    So that I know that there's atleast someone who unconditinally cares
    That bastard again gets recalled
    Bringing pain from beyond the walls
    I know you can take away the pain
    As you have always done with nothing to gain
    You understand me without my explanation
    Give me weird suggestions that finally end my frustation
    I may not be the most favourite person to you nor are you to me
    But with you I somewhere feel free
    I feel comfortable sharing my deepest feelings
    Those wounds that are never healing
    I guess this bond somewhere becomes our need
    Because I think our bond is beyond any greed
    You always appear from nowhere when I need you the most
    Sweetheart I surely want you to,at my wedding...make a toast
    So...I am calling you please pick up the phone
    Because I want you to be there...because I am here....all alone....