• aisha77 5w

    Once upon a time
    I met this boy,
    I’ve known for a long time now.

    whose brain was on fire.
    not literally, of course,
    but it certainly felt like it was;
    like his head was full of smoke
    and he couldn’t think straight
    and nothing could put the fire out –
    there was never enough water,
    he could never reach an extinguisher,
    an old rag couldn’t beat the flames down.
    he tried putting it out himself –
    crying enough to douse the flames
    or drowning himself with liquid
    and let the smoke escape though.
    he tried letting others put the fire out –
    but he could never get close enough to anyone
    in fear of burning them too.

    once upon a time
    I met this boy
    And he was the sweetest boy you would ever meet,
    so full of passion and love
    and color – he was so colorful;
    the flames that danced around inside of him sometimes went through every hue of the rainbow
    the inside of his mind
    was an interesting place;
    sometimes beautiful,
    sometimes empty,
    sometimes horrific
    because his fire made him different from the rest,
    In a special way, he stood out in a crowd of greyscale faces
    for he was illuminated
    and on those days,
    he just didn’t realize
    that the width of his smile
    was enough to let the smoke out
    and put out the fire off my head.