• poetry_oleilah 23w


    I stood on my porch calling my dog
    Over and over, but she she just wouldnt come
    Then I heard children in the dead of night
    I couldnt see them, but oh how I tried
    Then something happened that I cant explain
    Suddenly my vision was beginning to wane
    I was getting dizzy and could barely stand up
    So I slunk back inside to take a minute
    But so worried was I about the strangeness outside
    That I slowly crept back to the door and cried
    I called and called for my dog again
    But again my efforts were all in vain
    Though, this time as I stepped out on my porch
    And struggled to see in the thickening dark
    A man stepped out and away from the wall
    With long curling hair, blonde and tall
    He looked familiar, though I can't say how
    And when he reached out and grabbed me
    I knew I should howl
    But as I tried to scream I became aware
    That my voice had absconded, there was nothing but air
    I stumbled down my steps in fear
    But his grip never lessened and my eyes welled with tears
    Thinking there is no way that my words
    Would truly abandon me at a time so absurd
    I tried again to scream and shout
    But not a bit of noise came out
    And at that moment I realized it seemed
    Just too much to not be a dream
    And I opened my eyes, alone in the dark
    With nothing to sooth my racing heart
    ┬ęPoetry o'Leilah