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    Logical - When a person feels a strong affection towards another or showing great interest in something it is love. It can be generally measured by how much someone's care. The best example of love is like love of parents, love of friends, in this list we can also count one sided love but with these purest forms there comes a fear of loosing that person and this can even lead you into depression and anxiety.

    Colloquial - Love is like a drug when you are addicted to it you need it at any cost. Once you fall in love you start feeling like love is in the air, Maa k hath ki roti khane se lekar behan ki choti khichne tak har chiz m love hai, actually hmare janm Lene se hamari mrityu tak har jagah hme love milta h fir bhlai wo papa ki maar ho ya dadaji ka laad, chocolate k liye ldna ya kisi dost se bewajah jhagadna, kutte ka chatna ya kisi Apne ka datna, apne Premi ko gale lgakr liptna ya fir crush k aate hi Dil ka Zor Zor se dhadkna sb pyar h. Or han mere or apke bich m sab pyar h.

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