• breaking_butterfly_ 9w


    Why write when none feelings arise for.
    That's what my mind says but my heart doesn't agree with.
    Shouldn't it be appealing, that you are keeping my mind preoccupied, with nothing.
    Talking with you,
    Holding hands,
    Lost in your hazel eyes.
    I have dreamt of you passionately, it gives me pure bliss.

    I get it. It's my demand you be in the heart always.
    Longer than the passing storm by, your breath has prints in my live.
    The time is so moving to a new extent, still, the wait seems to last forever.
    Will I ever get the love as the seasons greet by.
    I am being not so patient lately, for I know you will notice me.
    Somedays you will.
    Somedays you might.
    A day of mine will come when you are gonna agree to take my hand.
    And we going to live happily and loved forever.
    Only if you give me some eyes.
    I can cure those broken fill for you if you open up to me.
    For I know it's made a greater impact on you and you are hurting.

    The tired hazel eyes have lost its beauty and I ought to make the impossible happen.
    Only if.
    Possible only if you give your broken cold heart a break.
    Then we can go to the seashore together, for I know you are in need of one and you like it.
    Peace will prevail you again to hopefully bring you to yourself.
    I just want to see you get back to what you used to be.
    Give me a chance, all that I ask for.
    Give me your hand. I want your old self.