• harthart 10w

    Three little words

    When everytime I look straight into your eyes,
    There's always three little words squirling on my mind,
    Playing and singing as bird's fly soar up high.

    Thanking God for meanting us for each other
    Even though our relationship is like a roller coaster,
    Always shouting and fighting that leads of giving up,
    But at the end we're always kiss and make-up

    Those three little words I always say,
    Is completely change my whole day,
    Willing to live under your magic spell,
    That's no one could catch up nor spell.

    Those three little words for me, means a lot,
    And I don't want showing it, like a love rat,
    Cheating and hiding something inside
    But through my mind, soul and heart,
    'Coz those three little words utters my love .