• missmichellelee_ 6w

    Mental malfunctions
    With all the glitches,
    Tormenting twitches,
    I didn’t eat enough,
    I’m dehydrated,
    And the pain pulsates
    As I make excuses
    For this drain,
    For all the feelings
    That I’m not feeling,
    I fall into myself
    As the sky falls down
    And I topple through
    The black holes
    Of my corroded bones
    Which prevent this body
    From a climatic collapse,
    Declining into depths
    Of manic monsters
    That live between
    The cracks of neurons
    Awaiting my company,
    Awaiting my arrival
    Into deep dysphoria,
    I’ll make excuses
    For this low,
    This can’t
    Get off the couch
    Because I’m weak,
    I just cried because
    Customer service
    Hung up on me,
    And I’m not sure
    What I need
    But, it sure as hell
    Wasn’t that caffeine,
    Tired of the fire
    Extinguishing inside me,
    I burn,
    Oh, how I burn
    With unfathomable desire
    Yet I can’t move a limb,
    I want to do it all,
    But today,
    I want to do nothing

    Michelle Lee