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    This one or that one?
    all day I do,
    because I am confused to choose.
    A thing may be different or same ,
    but that's the real problem I experience main.
    This problem is not just only in ladies,
    but in everybody's life.
    Not only in terms of career ,
    but also as a life warrior.
    Nothing to wear,
    What's my choice?
    This one or that one ??
    Is always my annoyed voice .
    I also have to choose among two ways ,
    of which one is like a cage.
    To choose between family or job,
    That's the bewilderment
    of one of mine friend -Bob.
    Our mind always be in muddle
    due to the increasing hurdles.
    This one or that one?
    Makes our mind so perplexed ..
    and messed.