• michaelnene7 6w


    Since the day I choose you. 
    It hasn't been so smooth, but When I am down, 
    You are my ride or die; my pride,my win and gain. 
    My serenity amidst every life's drama. 
    The molecules that fuel existence. 

    When the vision gets hazy, 
    When my heart gets heavy,I beckon to thee. 
    The black clouds never stopped you from reaching forth. 
    For who can resist your might? 

    Never leave me no matter how far I creep away. 
    For I am learning each day to love you as you love me. 
    Don't let my feeble feet walk into dismay 
    Cause my heart to be filled thee. 

    I would love to call thee mine;
    But thou are  greater than that, 
    You are my rock and shelter, 
    My father in all we weather;
    For in my stormy seas thou calmest my peace. 

     In thee my God I cling.