• recycle_bin 5w

    #nostalgia #life #keepmoving ��✌

    its 5:15am and i was reading comments from previous posts. I realised i have been here from last around 130+ weeks (sounds too much ��) many people came and left with their words there as feedback or suggestions or as appreciations. Hope you must be doing good. ��
    Some of them are still here more talented and better writers than me ofc, Thank you so much for continuously following me, reading my murmurings and rants or anything i wrote.
    I don't even read much still they didn't expect much in return, Thank god though.
    ilysm everyone. ����

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    Ye log waqat ki tarah nikal jayenge ek din.
    Tum shabado ko smbhal lena,
    Unhe padh to sakoge.