• _thoughtsoftasnim 10w

    A writer's agony

    Lots of words burning inside but really don't know how to describe. It's like there's is a battle inside and I don't know how to tackle it. Sometimes it's really hard to loving someone who hates themselves is a special kind of violence. A fight inside the bones. A war within the blood. Bu sometimes you have become so damaged that when someone wants give you what you truly deserves, you actually don't have any idea how to respond.

    So yeah... This is me, I am the eye of the storm and my heart is little broken. But if you really wants me, I am all yours. Right now I can’t decide what is appropriate and what is not. No use of saying something you won’t like...Should I say it anyway? Just for the peace of my heart? Well maybe I won’t do it at the end.....anyway
    We all are broke and that's the way how the lights get in. Sometimes I thought it was just a dream that how you came into my life. May the flowers reminds us why the rain so necessary. May the petals teach me the art of letting go.

    I will write something for you only if you want to see. I just don’t want to create any situations, you know right that I can’t handle fear works at last. And I lose every time of it. Just be happy and stay blessed with your loved ones.....