• three65 22w

    (Bulls)-Eye Candy:

    Watching you watching me
    On CCTV closed circuit security
    Parading "free-ballin"
    Voyeuristic full-monty view
    Monitor trawlin'
    Telescopic zoom lens
    Magnification setting to x10
    SLR camera not a high powered rifle
    Single Lens Reflex vs Self Loading Rifle
    (SLR texting ...serial meaning
    URL look it up like a GPS pinpoint locator)
    But my love gun's barrel's
    Cocked & ready to go off
    A.K.A cum-shot Kalashnikov
    AK47.....preferred weapon of Agent 47
    I won't be silenced ...
    Or pacified with a 'suppressor"
    Drive a Mercedes Benz Kompressor
    Pacemaker to control my "Peacemaker"
    Revolver Colt ....Cult-like amongst the occult
    Bull's-eye balls on eye causes an STI
    A Red Bull (ball) gives you a red-eye
    No ....pink eye
    Plural 2-balls = conjunctivitis
    Bite on that sucker & get gingivitis
    A tetanus injection shot
    For your "rusty bullet hole"
    Should you get PRICKED
    In the thick of it ...in the shit ...
    With a dick...like a back-door Assassin
    John Wick
    I'm not judgemental
    Just the Hitman executioner sentinel
    Tired & retired my 'marks' now shot on celluloid....
    Filmed & framed... Guilty verdict blamed
    'Stead of scoped with rifle sights
    I'm Spielberg up in lights .....Mr Hollywood....
    Private Eye to LA's rich & famous
    Saving millionaire Husbands & wives
    Money on alimony payments
    A regular investigator - Dick Tracy
    A Super Sleuth with Surveillance gadgets ....Bluetooth
    Along with my SLR I always hit the target between the eyes
    Dot the T's just ask A-Team's Mr T
    I'm like a sexier version of 80's Magnum P.I
    A Telly Savalas - Kojak maniac on Lolly-pop Prozac
    "Who Loves Ya Baby"
    The Cisco Kid from Real Madrid
    Or just a hard nosed homicidal
    Homicide ex-cop bordering suicidal
    From "The Streets of San Francisco ?....?
    Strutting the Sidewalk like Travolta
    In Saturday Night Fever
    Singing "San Francisco where's your Disco"
    By Dom Dolla.......but like Aloe Blacc
    "I need a dollar"
    Need a down & out ''Private I''.... Just holler !!!