• _sunshinewrites_ 10w

    I still
    When we first stuck
    Like tiny tots
    Got to know each other
    Through friend's dots.
    Blooming like daisy,
    It sound,
    Faded and became hazy
    And the bond
    Remained uncrowned.

    Blame was crushing,
    Guilt was haunting,
    A prison that no one escapes.

    Lost in my mind
    I was always swarmed
    By your thoughts.
    I wished,
    I could explain
    I wish,
    I could never
    see you again.

    The void,
    Made be you
    Still empty
    to be filled.

    Don't worry,
    I consoled myself
    Every person
    is meant to be met
    Like nothing but,
    The tear-strained
    trails of rain.

    So, I drag myself
    onto my feet
    I met with an old friend -
    Myself and
    a cup of coffee
    (soon emptied)
    A blank phone screen
    In front of me,
    A journal,
    Nightly kept,
    Filled with insomniac poetry.

    Don't worry,
    every person is meant to be met.

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    The void
    Made by you,
    Still empty
    Craving to be filled.
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