• lowqee 23w

    Never ending struggle

    I try an I try.. and you say that I lie
    Never have I spoken a word untrue
    Yet never have I truly felt safe with you
    As inconsistent as ever constantly changing remember the weather, whether you decide to be the one for me I 'll wait and see and let you be but what I desire reigns so much higher not total control just remember your soul because sometimes I question of its even there for real I get scared are you my queen or just a manifestation of mean due to your inability to ever create peace within yourself does that war ever cease i mean honestly this drama is deafening you scream and shout yet you never sing remember when we would always just smile now your sadistic nature only causes one while you cause mine to fade man fuck this charade are you my queen do you see what I mean do you understand your living obscene it's not right I will fight till inevitably eventually you extinguish our light