• joan53 6w


    Even if you live to be 100 years...
    Do you think that is all there is..
    I love lines, they travel like threads
    Running through fabric, tapestry,
    Lines run through our genealogies
    And throughout all of history
    They line around delicate flowers
    Climbing up magnificant towers
    Mountains of strong bold lines
    Oceans of wavy, moveable lines
    Than there is the bottom line
    That's permanent and totally defines

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    There are two and only two
    Powers running in this world
    Of eternal consequence
    Both have drawn their line
    Both have their bottom line
    Written, shown throughout time
    One is of love, soft persuasion
    Agency is yours to choose
    Other is bold, in your face,
    Whispers garbage in your ears
    Propaganda, force, hate, and anger
    Lines curve around us, beneath us
    Over us, everywhere we look
    Solid lines, thin lines, broken lines
    There are messages and signs
    Along our pathway to home
    Only one fence lines up all things
    God, by whatever name you call Him
    Stands on the right
    Devil, by whatever you may call him
    Stands on the left
    Life is the cumulation of life's lessons
    And the cumulation of life's tests
    The lines are drawn all around us
    They are set to teach and to test
    The only eraser that's given
    Lies within us, the power to change
    What side of the line we stand
    Depends on what side we choose
    Lines draw beautiful pictures
    Outside us, around us, in us
    May we see the bottom line in nature
    May we define our lives in life
    They will travel into eternity
    And swirl and design our eternity
    © Joan53