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    Love in the air but that's night down pour wanna come in the air .
    All his favorite flower candels decor hugged rain .All I can save is self-made cake . "Why tonight ????" thought was bouncing in my mind .
    Mood from excitement to disappointment was scenario when he came to place where we met first .That cottage was near park where my plan landed with only left with half ruined cake .
    Cake was little shy so it get hide behind curtains .
    I called him and share my location .
    My face was in grief but he was enough able to hold that precious smile on his face .
    "Hey that's decore was lovely but with rain they are dancing now see from window now their beauty has enhanced " he said to me while moving my face towards window .
    "Honey my shine is besides me why would I need that decor " he wispered while tucking my dripping hair behind .
    He hugged me tightly and wished me happy anniversary sweetie .
    I patted him ,wishing him back and lost myself in his arms.
    " I forget , close ur eyes I made something for you " I said loudly losing his grip over me .
    He grinned and said sure darling .
    I brought cake and asked him to have a glance .
    I took little piece of cake to make him taste but I saw behind unbuttoned white shirt that neck was waiting for taste cake first . I served that neck first but after tasting that neck said cake is little bit less sweeter . My eyes nagged but neck was not accepting so I tasted that cake from his neck .
    His moan and his firm over my waist told me cake is perfect in taste .