• khushbo0 30w

    _The Brush_

    Vibrant colors of my atelier
    proud of their ilk,
    Harsh with the Brush,
    for they don't like it's company.
    Undeserving you are!
    The epithet they hurl
    Concealed in our shimmer,
    You insipid pearl!
    Rubbed on paper repeatedly,
    Your strokes describe
    the duress of an artist
    Us, instead, on the canvas,
    mollify his mood
    Adumbrating an art,
    precise or crude.
    Your prudence
    is an artist's caprice,
    duty of you is to
    abnegate your master
    Sticking to us is
    just not your fate
    You will always be dipped
    in the water to fade.