• silly_lad 6w

    I thought of writing another piece
    like often days for someone I admire

    Made me learn and explore the
    color and odor of little happiness.

    However, the keypad
    want to portray a tribute

    //Not your roast post kind mate
    Still, the loss seems familiar//

    You're lettered with odd
    and even pages lighting
    low moods to soft smiles

    From Journalism to Serials
    Ending up to a narrative
    weaved stories stealing
    hearts till now

    //stories still speak the words
    as verses of emotions
    penned to create an open world
    with wide smiles over faces//

    letters describe tenderness
    of a creative miracle
    carried through you
    to each soul
    with the belief in oneself

    The presence was never
    meant too precious
    But the absence
    built a mute moment forever.

    //Pardon me If this buddy
    ever stayed quiet when
    you fought alone, right//

    Even though we never talked
    still, your absence seems familiar

    The title format credit and also, the slash bracket concept to some, who I follow and read.

    @kehta_hai_Joker��, I know the username has been taken down but still he is the only Joker in this place of
    many like me or me like them to make some one's day/ week with write-ups, poems, and sometimes stories and roast sarcasm full of metaphors and ironies directing paths with positivity and kind heart.

    You were suffering, but didn't
    utter once for help
    holding a constant smile
    and lifting everyone to achieve
    for what they desire.

    PS: Your identity is still a mystery to all. Now
    I think why, cause the person who unfolded
    many smiles trapped in owning feuds
    never want them to get tangled in the same, again.

    #ReadthisJ @colourfulgreys @lovethatneverfades
    @wild_aish and his other close mates,
    I stand with you when your feet feel numb on a day while walking. We cannot bring him back cause he never has gone.
    He is with you all in you and by Your side.
    Guiding you, seeing you, correcting you, and many more.


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