• simran1028 24w

    They other side of fairytales which hits us really hard.
    Where friends and loved ones are wearing mask.
    Where love and relationships are just the use and throw game.
    Where alice in wonderland is just a dream.
    Where life is fucked up and still we are managing to survive and deal with the shit each and every day.
    Where each and every day we are forced to fake a smile and inside our demons are killing us.
    Where trusting someone can be the most dangerous thing.
    Where karma plays the the most important role.
    Where being selfish is the most important mantra to stay happy.
    Where stay low key should imply in each of our lives.
    Where no one actually cares about how you are, what you are going through.
    So what matters is your own happiness don't put it in someone else's hand.
    Life isn't a fairy tale but you can make it one for yourself.