• loscar 23w

    The Chapter is Over but the Story Continues Part. 2

    Sure you can be beautiful and cute but without the right personality, who the hell are you? You keep your circle small and lock yourself inside
    your sacred walls and break your own laws to stay true to your own selfish
    cause. Now what? Are you waiting for the crowd to applause? Wow. Are you
    gonna miss me or the attention I gave you? Now I wonder who is gonna
    save you but be careful cause your insecurities will enslave you.
    My morals
    are integrated. Care to explain why you’re still hooked on the guy you last
    dated? I made a lot of effort but was never compensated. But that’s fine
    because you ignorance got me educated.
    It was obvious that your feelings weren’t true but I still had bits small bits of
    hope for me and you. I was lost and confused. I had no clue about what I
    was supposed to do. It was crazy, I watered your emotions but they never
    grew. The way you saw me was something that I never knew, and I realized
    it when you gave us the idea to look for someone new. But we can’t look
    away from what is true, you do the things you do for only you.