• uwloti 8w


    It’s you to shape your life
    Blame no one for failure
    Improve its distorted shape
    Give it a different appearance

    Put on a full armour of God
    Pick up your javelin in faith
    The war is not for the weak
    It is neither for the wicked

    Sympathise not with yourself
    Quit being contented in ruins
    When the wall crumble down
    You have yourself to blame

    Let no one dictate your life
    Give yourself a pat on the back
    Make them see who you are
    They'll be happy for you at last

    Destroy every distracting barrier
    Of the road to your new start
    You might be on your own
    Thus you'll be more productive

    Do not think of giving up
    Aspire to be what you want to be
    God stamped your future like paradise
    Keep on and the results will amaze you

    Fear will be by far gone away
    Your survival will leave a gape
    Everyone will be your friend
    Your success will be seen by all