• dreamer4 5w


    Today after doing my daily tasks..I rested my head on the pillow again and stared at the clock..with its hands working hard to move time..and heard its consequent tick tock...which seemed to me..like the moan of labourers moving heavy weights..and then I wondered that..oh..with the clock ticking like this..working hard to make time tick second by second..hour by hour..day by day...month by month..year by year.. a day will come when I would be old and where I would have already spent all.. the time of my life that I was meant to live...and will be lying on my death bed.. breathing my last breath...and my mind will be put to rest.. bringing me peace...that I long for..where I wouldn't have to struggle with this overwhelming life of mine..till then I wait persistently and patiently .. working hard just like the clock to indulge my mind in tasks..that will make time of my life..pass fast...till then I wait patiently like a criminal on death roll..for my "dear" life to end..and to breathe my last breath..which I probably won't struggle for..