• zaphyre 31w

    #happy mommy day!!❤

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    She stitches our fears with her own grief,
    May be she is exhausted of her own agony,
    Yet she stands high on prestige pedestal,
    Knocking down every feindish lead,
    Bravery bows down below her sovereign,
    The impossible too looses below her shield,
    She sliced her womb,
    To held you beneath,
    She shredded her each tear,
    To make you the most gleamed,
    Fought with you in your battles,
    Being your soul bearer,
    She defies all flaws of humanity,
    Perfection being her own entigmity,
    Mother,what we preach,
    Disguised of the heaven we dream,
    The goddess of pure infinite love and salinity.