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    It's like dawn and dusk for me
    Let's begin with a "Coffee"
    I would surely love to order a hot cup of brewed coffee, before giving a beautiful start to something.
    A cup full of confidence, enthusiasm and zeal could make more of me before stepping on the stage to address the crowd,
    A sip before an extempore!
    Or just, sitting at some cafe and watch people with different stories,
    I find a stronger me, mounting the tallest peaks or
    Walking miles toward my dreams.
    So it's like an enthusiastic cup of dawn every day!

    Coming to "Chai"
    A dusk where u just want to hold on,
    An evening at the sea shore after a hectic messed up day,
    It's like sitting by the side of bonefire in the midst of winter night with all the words and stories gathered up the whole day to execute on the mere sheet of paper,
    A hot cup of lively feel of present...just present.
    And all the mesmerizing memories,
    From the first kiss to the woeful breakups,
    From mewling and puking to the 7th stage of life,
    A nostalgic cup of chai ;p

    Concluding up,
    I can't choose between them
    Both has a different story with different characters playing roles..
    So, COFFEE or CHAI?
    Everyday with a hot cup of dawn and dusk,
    Eventually exploring and finding myself with both of them. :p

    @mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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    'COFFEE' or 'CHAI' ?

    -read the caption.